MOOCs and its role in higher education.


MOOCs (is the acronym for Massive Open Online Courses) it`s a new way of teaching and learning and are part of the evolution of open education on the Internet.

In recent years, almost everyone has heard the word MOOC, including the prestigious newspaper The New York Times described the year 2012 as the year`s MOOC, but ... what is really a MOOC? Is it true that it`s have mean a revolution in teaching? University institutions Endangered by the emergence of these massive character courses open as some warn?. Many are the doubts that assail this form of open education, which account equally with advocates and detractors. We found a very interesting article that talks about the MOOCs and its role in higher education.

Journal of the authors linked to University  Carlos III of Madrid, Tomás Gómez Puente and Xavier to explore and analyze the document about MOOCs, published by the EUA  the last January 2014 about their future and their impact on the European Union, their universities and higher education.