Open data and data repositories

The article by Hernández-Pérez and García-Moreno, published in the latest issue of "Professional Information" discusses the concept of open data, and the requirements that must be met to be considered open formats and legal license.
The emphasis on the importance of open data in the scientific environment, and hence manage the repositories that. Highlighting the value of transparency, which is generally associated with public data and political level. But for the sake of progress and clarity of science are equally important when it comes to prevent or detect fraud; cites examples such as Paul Krugman's article "Depression of Excel", which discusses how certain errors may cast doubt on the results of an investigation.
Mention the different types of repositories of scientific data and its various forms (thematic, consortia, national, institutional) and catalogs existing data repositories (DATALIB and
Draws and describes what it should contain a data management plan (description of data, defining quality standards, property rights, licenses, policies archiving and preservation). Judgment in the medium term data generating institutions should put in a repository or go work with some. And that libraries would be the space where the data repositories projects undertaken.
Finally stop at the difficulties, the reluctance of researchers to share data; and lack of knowledge on the part of researchers and information managers to cover the life cycle of the data.