Tecnodoc welcoms Lynn Sinipigni Connaway (OCLC research)

The project is looking at what motivates learners’ engagement with the digital information environment. It replicates the Digital Visitors and Residents study that was conducted in the UK and the US, funded by JISC, OCLC, and in partnership with the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

There now is a wide range of sources available to learners as they seek information: electronic (for example through the use of search engines, social media networks such as Facebook, and library databases and catalogues), human (e.g. parents, teachers, friends and librarians) and paper-based (e.g. books, photographs). Increasingly, these information sources have merged.

Our investigation is focusing on discovering which of these sources learners turn to and in which medium as they seek information as part of the learning process. We are also interested in whether these changes according to the educational stage a learner is in, so students are being interviewed from the last year of secondary school through the final year of a university degree. The project is being conducted in Madrid.

By identifying learners’ habits in this way, we hope that our findings will allow schools and universities to respond more effectively to the challenges of learning through technology. We also anticipate that the study will provide insights into the different ways in which people engage with and respond to technology.

This research is lead by Dr. Eva Mª Méndez Rodríguez, Professor and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Infrastructures and Environment at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Dr. Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Senior Research Scientist at the Online Computer Library Center, based in Dublin, Ohio, USA and UC3M Chair of Excellence.

For more information you can contact Dr. Eva Mª Méndez Rodríguez either by email (emendez@bib.uc3m.es) or phone (916248620).

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