About Us

We are a group of ten researchers, including eight doctors, in which the experience of half of its members with the enthusiasm of youth and the other combined. The vast majority have been working together for over ten years. Besides participating and conducting competitive research projects, we have extensive experience in advising, participation and execution of joint research projects with companies. We specialize in audits and implementation of projects related to the implementation of digital information systems and possess extensive knowledge in the application of technology in libraries, archives and documentation centers. We have the experience, knowledge and personnel required to tackle any project creation and maintenance of a digital information system for the company; from the planning of information flows to storage and retrieval of records of knowledge. Also, evaluate services and running, create strategies for interoperability for the exchange of information, and give technology and standards for the management of knowledge in the global consulting company, through technical reports and recommendations. We offer our knowledge to the analysis and processing of documents and digital collections, and for consultancy, construction and maintenance services and Web portals (Internet / Intranet).


  • Extensive experience in the implementation of technology solutions for teams reluctant to technological change jobs.
  • Specialists in accessibility, usability, metadata, information architecture, portals, search engines and open files.
  • Specialists in applied digital information, among other areas, journalism and law.
  • Multidisciplinary team (formed in documentation but also in Journalism, Philosophy, History ...).
  • Experience in project leadership consulting and implementation.
  • Research capacity and incorporation of research results to real needs.
  • Membership of the Carlos III de Madrid and professional associations and major organizations University Spain and the world.
  • Fairness in our proposed solutions in the absence of commitments with manufacturers, trademarks or open source solutions.
  • Strong commitment and extensive knowledge and experience in implementing international standards affecting the digital information.
  • Flexibility and adaptation of our services and business installment times (work "as you like").
  • Prestigious

Our Experience

Our clients have been in recent years, or are now, energy companies (Union Fenosa; prototype web server for Documentation Center), financial (Bankinter, audit of its internal system of knowledge management), legal and Publishing (Dromi Sammartino Consultants / Ediciones City Argentina; conversion "code MERCOSUR" to electronic format and hypertext organization), documentary (PSD; advice on the possibilities of XML for the treatment of jurisprudence and designing a DTD for CENDOJ the GCJ) or technological (TLR Software, development of a standard classification of generic products, the sale of hardware products through the web).

We have also provided solutions to social organizations (School Julian Besteiro UGT; organizing your file system), standardization (AENOR; treatment of CDU to improve the management of your edits) and various agencies of government, both centrally (Council superior Sports, development of a union catalog of ancient background in Spanish language in physical activity and sports accessible via web) and autonomic (Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid, development of a union catalog of the funds Teacher Support centers throughout the Community of Madrid, also accessible via the web) or local (Municipal Archives of Córdoba, drawing up a list of the scrolls custody by XML technologies).

We have also worked, among other companies or administrations, with the School of Civil Protection (Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha), the Bank of the Republic of Colombia, the CNICE (Ministry of Education and Science), EUKN (European Urban Knowledge Network ) or the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya).

Ready for change?

Incorporating technological changes can be a daunting task, requiring a high level of expertise and appropriate means. Our group offers a highly qualified team and the most advanced technical support to address, among others, the following issues:

Information management based on free software in digital environments.

Management and maintenance of tools based on free software (Plone, Joomla, DSpace ...) websites. This service is especially useful for those companies requiring the publication of diverse content by multiple authors, simultaneously, concurrently, and controlled. Currently, we manage the maintenance of several publications of this kind.

Accessibility, dissemination of information via the web, regardless of platforms, browsers or devices and serving the disabled.

Study of right information architecture and design carefully adjusted to the standards and guidelines of the Web Consortium, to achieve a usable, friendly and accessible website solutions. Several studies of architecture, usability and accessibility of web support our experience in this field.

Open archives and digital repositories, systems to improve visibility, exchange, accessibility and preservation of electronic documents.

Implementation of web-based interfaces, with free software and workflow management systems. We have proven experience in consulting and installation of institutional repositories and learning objects.

Organization and distribution of content in media companies.

Employment based on internationally accepted technologies (NewsML, PRISM, NITF, etc.) Tools. Some members of our team have been pioneers in the study and proposed application of these technologies.

Organization and dissemination of legal texts (legislation and case law).

Design information models making use of XML technologies, catering to the unique characteristics of such texts. We are pioneers in the application of these technologies, both within the framework of research projects and contracts with companies. Two doctoral theses have been devoted to the serious, rigorous and thorough study of this problem. Ready for change?

Innovative Solutions

We have conducted numerous research projects with public funding, both European and national and regional, as well as other framed in consulting contracts with companies cited above. The results of the research have been published in journals and conference proceedings. The vast majority consist of the latest innovative applications related to the management and dissemination of information in very specific fields standard, demonstrating its feasibility and utility and finding appropriate implementation methodologies.