Dr. Tony Hernández Pérez


Areas of especialization

 Audiovisual documentation; Data journalism; Digital libraries; e-Learning; Information architecture; Institutional repositories; Open access; Search engine optimization; Search engines



Summarized Resume

Doctor in Information Science with a thesis on Audiovisual Documentation Specialist Librarian since 1992 and the Complutense University (1987).

He has been professor of the Department of Library and Information Science, Carlos III University since its inception in the year 1989-1990. He was director of the department, director of the University Institute Agustín Millares, director of the Master in Audiovisual Documentation and Dean of the Academic Exchanges Faculty of Humanities, Communication and Documentation, Carlos III University of Madrid.

He has over 20 years of teaching experience in courses and subjects related to information technology, especially in databases, information retrieval, etc.. Professor of different masters related to journalism, film, television and production of e-learning and many others. He is the author of numerous publications, including several on open access and the use of metadata in digital repositories, which is one of its lines of research currently preferred.

Also works for several years on projects funded by the Ministry of Health on sources of information, online training and other related information and health, with the Ministry of Labour in digitization projects and other private companies with activities in various fields related to their research.

Lines of Research

Communication, Library Science, Information Science, Scholarly Communication, Web search, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engines, Journalism, Web 2.0, Social Media, and E-Government.